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Telling Your Brand Story with Facebook Canvas Ads

This month we discuss Facebook’s canvas ads and how we are using them to help businesses deliver their brand message to customers in a more interactive way. In our ad testing we have seen Facebook canvas ads to be one of the most engaging experiences for customers. Mobile canvas ads are a way for your ads load more quickly, look beautiful and allow your customers to take action within the ad.

Running Natives Ads on Display Networks

What are native ads? Native advertising can be described as any advertising that matches the form and function of the platform it appears on. In digital advertising this could be display ads on a news website that blend in with the other articles, suggested videos in YouTube results, an ad in the Google Maps results, […]

Event Marketing for Healthcare Providers

Local event marketing for healthcare is a challenge, typically because of the short timelines for promotion coupled with the expense of getting the message in front of the right audience. To solve these problems we developed an approach for efficiently launching ad campaigns and landing pages that enables us to track and report conversions (event […]

Local Event Marketing with Facebook and Eventbrite

Local events are a great way to bring new customers into your business. Events work especially well if they are informational and intended to educate prospective customers. Our clients have had great success using local events to bring new customers into their businesses. If you have an idea for a local event, we can help […]