Remarketing is your business’s secret weapon for bringing back lost conversions. This is a great tactic for increasing your customer-base and subsequent sales.

Remarketing is also a great channel for increasing sales and engagement from your current customers and audience. With well-segmented remarketing lists you can suggest complimentary products, upsells, announce sales & promotions, and maintain top-of-mind awareness among consumers.

Remarketing Segmentation

Building remarketing lists starts by tagging your users with a cookie. The remarketing cookie then tracks which pages they view and what actions they take while on your website. The remarketing lists can then be used for targeting and exclusion, the combination of which allows for precise segmentation.

For example, a user visits your website and views a product but doesn’t add it to the cart. You could show the user ads for that product and as well as similar products that might capture their interest.

The user clicks your ads, comes back and adds the product to the cart but doesn’t complete the purchase. You now know they are interested in the product, and may want to target them with an offer for a discount on the product or an upsell to get them to come back and finish the sale.

If the user comes back and finishes the sale, you can then “exclude” them from ads targeting that product, because they’ve already purchased it. However, you can also target them with ads for complimentary products or accessories.

Remarketing with Facebook and Twitter Ads

Maximize your ad visibility by reaching consumers during their most engaged time online with Facebook and Twitter remarketing. Taking advantage of timeline ad formats allows you to join the conversation, instead of just displaying ads.

Remarketing with Banner Ads

When users aren’t searching or using social media the bulk of their time online is spent absorbing publisher content. Remarketing banner ads allow you to take advantage of the enormous amount of inventory available on publisher websites to keep your message in front of the people most likely to convert.

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