Does Remarketing Really Work?

We get asked this question often and the short answer is – Yes. Here’s why:

If a user visited your business and was browsing around how would you like to have the ability to have a sales person follow-up with that person and offer them deals and remind them of your business?

Remarketing enables you to do just that only you can advertise to people who we know have already visited your site and have shown interest in your business.

Some visitors may be at work or in the early phases of browsing other companies with your same services and are not able to make a call or contact you at that time. With remarketing we can remind them about your company on Facebook or other relevant sites about your company and keep top of mind awareness of your brand.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Suppose someone visits your website looking for a specific product. Using segments we can add that user to a remarketing list and show them ads about your company for the product they were interested in and remind them of your company and send them back to your website.

Some of the main advantages are:

  • Top of mind awareness
  • Better cost-per-conversion over all campaigns
  • Low cost per impression
  • Accurate targeting

Don’t People Find Remarketing Ads Intrusive?

There are setting such as frequency capping that we can use to control the number of times people see your ads after they visit your website. You can also remove people from a list that have already converted into customers.

Another way to think of this is that people are very used to seeing ads on Facebook and other sites. They are going to see an ad so it doesn’t hurt to make some of those ads your ad for customers we know have already shown interest in your site.

What is the Cost of Remarketing?

The amount you can spend depends on the number of monthly visitors to your site. We use a remarketing estimator tool to determine what you could reasonably spend on remarketing to have a measurable impact on your business.