What is Metric + ?

Are you looking to market to your audience on Hulu using a low-cost and highly-targeted strategy? Metric PPC offers an affordable program with no long-term commitment for businesses that want to generate top-of-mind awareness on Hulu programming.

Metric + is a solution for Connected TV (CTV) / OTT HULU advertising for companies of all sizes. Metric PPC is one of the few Hulu approved ad partners for the new Hulu ads platform.

Why Use Metric + Instead of Traditional TV ads?

  • Save thousands of dollars a month on streaming programs rather than over-priced ad inventory.
  • Stay top-of-mind consistently, for a longer period of time, by delivering ads on the programs your customers actually watch.
  • Target your demographics, genres and interests. Let the system optimize for you.
  • Don’t over-pay to be on a few programs you assume your audience is watching.
  • Target any cities you want in the United States.
  • Set your own ad schedules.

Here is how it works:


You choose your ad schedules & your budgets

Tell us when you want your campaigns to run and your monthly budgets.



Pick your audience from a wide range of targeting options

Target by location, interest, program genre, and more.



Send us your video ad & we review it

If you need a video we have affordable options to help you get one created by our partners.



Receive weekly reports

We measure and optimize your performance.


We can help you optimize ad delivery on the following channels: Google Ads, Social Media, YouTube, & Hulu. Typically we recommend a combination of marketing channels to help you dominate and grow your business.

Start streaming your ads now