Developing A Marketing Plan From A Business Plan

Last month we taught a seminar at our offices showing business owners how to develop an effective marketing plan. One of the main points of discussion was where the marketing plan falls within a business plan. A business plan should be a living document that changes each year — not something you put together once […]

How to Build Effective Ad Campaigns Using Your Tagline

Discovering A Tagline Developing taglines can be difficult and the process of creating them is both an art and a science. Taglines should be succinct and express brand value or align with your company’s mission. To find the right tagline for your business you must discover your brand’s true essence and think about what your […]

Boost Conversions with Retargeting Workflows

A majority of your website visitors will not convert to clients on their first visit. Most people conduct research and do comparisons before they decide to make a purchase or use your services. Retargeting will help keep your brand to-of-mind after they leave your site by placing ads on other unrelated sites while they go […]