Five Key Highlights From Google Marketing Live 2019

Each year Google holds an event called Google Marketing Live where they showcase the latest developments with their digital marketing products. This year Google announced a lot of major changes and new options that will be available by the end of the year. They announced more than 10 new products releases along with new features […]

Conner McGee, Metric PPC’s Newest Hire

About Conner McGee Conner was hired as a Google Ads Account Manager and our newest recruit. Conner grew up in Bend, Oregon, but recently moved to Bozeman in order to pursue a major in business marketing at Montana State University along with minors in international business, economics and entrepreneurship. He is an active member of […]

Google Introduces Four New Position Metrics

Recently Google announced to agencies that the average position metric we normally use to see where ads are positioned in the ad auction is going away. Google is replacing average position with four new position metrics and said they are “sunsetting” the average position metric. What did average position really mean? According to Google average […]

Custom Intent Audiences & YouTube Advertising

YouTube is a great platform for generating brand awareness and Google is continuously working on new types of audience targeting for the platform. In order to reach an audience that is in the process of making a purchase Google released “Custom Intent Audiences”. Custom Intent Audiences allow us to show ads on YouTube to people […]