our process

The specialists at Metric merge data expertise & creativity with cutting edge automated bidding software to give your PPC campaigns a big advantage over the competition. Our insightful, highly responsive team will design your “metrics for success” from the ground up to give your business a performance boost.


We start by assessing your goals, and identifying which marketing channels will deliver the best results towards meeting those goals. Whether your goals include direct response, branding & awareness, or a mix of both you’re partnering with highly experienced, award-winning pros who can help you surgically pinpoint opportunity with Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Remarketing, Social Ads, Video Ads, and Mobile Ads.

Set Up

Each campaign is preceded by extensive research used to develop the framework for a strategy custom-tailored to your business’s goals. From the research data comes short and long-term marketing plans, which will forge the direction of your campaigns.


When your campaigns are launched you are assigned a highly responsive account manager who works alongside our experts to ensure that you receive top-of-the-line customer service throughout the process and longevity of your campaigns.


Optimization starts with measurement. By tracking user engagement and goal completions on your website, our platform uses that data to adjust keyword bids, targeting, and budgets to maximize the return on your ad spend.

Using automated bidding tools allows for continuous PPC bidding updates on search engines and social networks. Automated bidding algorithms are guided by human experts to ensure our clients always maintain a both a data-driven and creative edge.


Beautiful, detailed, and actionable monthly reports will keep you up-to-date on the status and performance of your campaigns. During monthly meetings we will discuss performance, strategies, and recommendations for new opportunities.