Types of Ad Extensions

Google Ad extensions are used to expand your Google Ads with additional information about your business. Ad extensions give more value to your ads and also increase your click through rates which will result in more clicks to your website and higher quality scores. Because ad extensions help your ads stand on the search results pages we try to use as many relevant ad extensions as possible.

Google offers many types of ad extensions. Below is a list of some of the most common ones:

    • Call Extensions
    • Location Extensions
    • Site Link Extensions
    • Price Extensions
    • Structured Snippets
    • Affiliate location extensions
    • App Extensions
    • Promotion Extensions

Call extensions allow users to call directly from an ad without visiting your website. Location extensions show the location of your business and allow the user to click and get directions to your business right form the ad.

Below you can see an example Google Ad on a mobile phone with an icon for making a call using the call extension and the address below the ad with a map pin:

Promotion Extensions

If you are having special sales or offers you can use promotion extensions to make your ad stand out to potential deal-seeking customers. Many people are searching for discounts online so showing them a sale or discount in your ads can help attract new customers.

Shown below is an example Google ad with a promotion extension on a mobile phone for a shoe store. You can see at the bottom of their ad that they are advertising for Black Friday and are offering 30% off with a coupon code and show the dates the promotion is valid.

Promotion extensions are also good to use during the holidays. They can be scheduled and easily applied to all ads across an account.

Creating Promotion Extensions

Before you run a promotion extension there are some things items that need to be specified. The main one is the monetary discount being offered during the promotion. The discount must be either a percentage discount or a dollar amount. You can’t run promotion extensions for buy one get one free or free shipping promotions.

You can also schedule your promotions for a certain date range. The scheduling ensures that the promotions start and end on your intended dates. Show below is a screen shot of the fields available or promotions extensions:


Using promotion extensions with Google Ads is an effective way to attract new deal-seeking customers to your website. They are easy to update and schedule and can easily be applied to any of your ads within your account.

Promotion extensions allow you to offer timely discounts to your customers, increase your click through rates, and they will help your ad stand out more on the competitive Google search results pages.