Local event marketing for healthcare is a challenge, typically because of the short timelines for promotion coupled with the expense of getting the message in front of the right audience. To solve these problems we developed an approach for efficiently launching ad campaigns and landing pages that enables us to track and report conversions (event sign-ups) and target audiences most likely to attend a local healthcare event. The case studies presented here are from the healthcare industry and the data is from actual campaigns ran by Metric PPC.

Using Facebook ad campaigns and Eventbrite landing pages along with conversion tracking we optimized campaigns to ll up a local event for Bridger Orthopedic in Bozeman, MT with an initial goal of 50 attendees. The free event was held to discuss knee pain and the benefits of recent developments in robot assisted technology using NAVIO™ robotics.

The event promotion results were much higher than expected. The event filled up with 100 attendees causing Bridger Orthopedic to host a second event which filled up with 50 more people. The results were beyond the expectations for this type of local event.

Campaign Results – NAVIO™ & Bridger Orthopedics

Initial Event:

  • Campaign Runtime: 14 days
  • People Reached: 18,697
  • Ad Frequency: 1.75 / person
  • Budget: $1,750
  • Signups: 50
  • Cost-Per-Signup: $35

Overflow Event:

  • Campaign Runtime: 18 days
  • People Reached: 15,512
  • Ad Frequency: 2.95 / person
  • Budget: $2,125
  • Signups: 48
  • Cost-Per-Signup: $44

Running a similar event for the Kansas Surgery & Recovery Center in Wichita Kansas we saw the following results:

  • Campaign Runtime: 15 days
  • People Reached: 37,453
  • Ad Frequency: 2.30 / person
  • Budget: $2,400
  • Signups: 43
  • Cost-Per-Signup: $56

Hatch Pediatrics (Bozeman, MT) was interested in ways to get expectant mothers to come visit their clinic and meet their team of doctors. Working with them we applied our event promotion techniques and drove awareness for a “Meet the Doctor Event”. They setup two evening sessions with the goal of getting 12 families to come in and meet the doctors and learn about their pediatric clinic. These campaigns were also very successful and we now promote these types of events for them on a quarterly schedule.

Campaign Results:

  • Campaign Runtime: 18 days
  • People Reached: 10,107
  • Ad Frequency: 4.14 / person
  • Budget: $1280
  • Signups: 12 families (24 guests)
  • Cost-Per-Signup: $53 per guest

The cost per signup and the number of signups will vary across the country because of population variation and cost of ad inventory. In areas with higher populations the ad inventory may be bid up more and getting the attention of the audience can be more difficult. Also, the type of event has a large influence on conversion rate because it affects the types of people we are able to target. However, the cost per signup and the efficiency of our approach has proven, so far, to be very profitable for our clients in the healthcare industry.