Using video to market your business is no longer optional, it’s required

This was from a recent Forbes article:

Videos are the No. 1 way to showcase your brand to your customers. They help you stand out among the crowd. Plus, they allow you to build an emotional connection with your audience and transmit the feel, tone, and details of your brand in 60 seconds or less.

So why is it that video is so beneficial to your brand?

The main reason is that videos create trust and engagement. Videos deliver information in a quick and impactful way without having to read through a lot of text. Seeing your company “in action” or in an interview setting builds trust and understanding with your audience. If they watch a video of your company it allows them to get to know you better even if they can’t meet you in person.

There are plenty of articles online about how good video marketing is working for companies. We thought we would share 5 really hard to believe statistics that prove it will improve your bottom line:

  1. Companies using video are growing revenue on average of 49% faster
  2. 70% of companies claim video produces more conversions than any other content on their websites
  3. 74% of millennials use video to influence their purchases
  4. A Facebook video receives, on average, 135% more organic reach than a photo
  5. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Make sure your video has captions!

Source: Adelie Studios, The Top 16 Video Marketing Statistics for 2016

Right now the ad inventory for video is very affordable and we consider it to be the “low hanging fruit” for companies. Once you have a well produced video there are many channels to distribute the video on, including but not limited to: your website, Facebook & the Facebook Audience Network, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and the Google Display Network. You can easily reach thousands, even millions, of viewers with online video content. So don’t wait, get started with online video marketing today!

If you’d like to chat with us about the best ways to market your company using online video content, please get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss the options with you.