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Google Introduces Four New Position Metrics

Recently Google announced to agencies that the average position metric we normally use to see where ads are positioned in the ad auction is going away. Google is replacing average position with four new position metrics and said they are “sunsetting” the average position metric. What did average position really mean? According to Google average […]

AdWords Store Visit Conversions

Store Visit Conversions We have been testing a new conversion metric for Google AdWords called store visits. Store visits is a new conversion we can report in AdWords if people visiting your locations is important to your business. For companies that are in retail, tourism, finance, and health care store visits can be valuable since […]

New Features for Your Google Business Listing

Yesterday we hosted a Google Partner event at our office to learn more about new features Google has launched related to your Google My Business listing. They have made some great additions that can really help your business get more visibility so we thought we would share some of the more interesting ones. We recommend […]

Why We Use Automated Bidding in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

Scientists that develop algorithms for automated bidding refer to the process of buying ads on search engines as an “ad auction.” The process of buying ads is really just a continuous auction for advertising space on a search engine. A user that types in a search phrase on Google might get back a list of ads on the top, and to the right, of the search engine. How those listings appear depends on how well the advertiser did in the auction. The winner of the auction is determined by […]