search advertising

Paid search advertising has been the bread-and-butter of digital marketing for over a decade. By targeting the right keywords we capture intent and quickly turn clicks into leads or sales.

Focus on What Works

Regular account audits help us identify what keywords, ads, targeting methods, and strategies are or aren’t working. Based on that data we optimize your account by:

  • Cutting out keywords that don’t convert and waste ad dollars
  • Expanding on converting keywords
  • A/B testing ads to find out what resonates with your audience and pausing ads with lower CTRs or conversion rates.
  • Expanding or restricting geographic targeting to ensure that the right people are seeing your ads.
  • Bid adjustments based on day parting so that your ads are seen at the right times.
  • Device specific bidding and ad copy. Desktop and mobile searchers behave differently and we make sure that we show the right message accordingly.
  • Phone call tracking and cross-channel attribution make sure that all conversions are accounted for so that each campaign gets the credit it deserves.

Automated Bidding

The Paid Search space is getting more competitive by the minute. As soon as you think you have things running smoothly, a competitor can step in and outbid your for a high-converting ad position. To stay ahead of the competition, PPC Machine uses state of the art automated bidding software that reacts to changes in the marketplace in real-time.

  • With automated bidding we can find the ‘sweet spot’ for keyword bids and ad positions faster by letting the software crunch the data and make predictions on outcomes.
  • After optimizing bids and ad positions, automated bidding maintains ad positions by adjusting bids in real-time. No longer will a competitor be able to sneak in on your prized territory.
  • As the amount of data grows so will the performance of your account as the automated bidding software continues to ‘crunch the data’.